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Tomi Fujiyama Official Website

Profile | Tomi Fujiyama Official Website

Tomi Fujiyama

Tomi Fujiyama

Tomi Fujiyama

She is a one of few Country Singer in JAPAN.
She sings all over the world.

Born : 1940/1/10

Birth Place : Aichi prefecture ,JAPAN

NHK Midnight RADIO Regular DJ.(while 7 years. It ended in 2007.)

Now, 3 record Albums Released & Her music autobiography was published.

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Tomi did start singing in a very early age influenced of her father and before she became a teenager she was succesful and etablished her name as a very talented singer regionally, her stagename was "Tomoko Yamaji".

She started her carrieer as a japanese music singer at the label Teichiku but she soon switched her repertoire to the country & western music and right after that she was invited to sing at clubs at the American army and navy bases in Japan, at numerous occasions and here she got the name " Tomi " because her name Tomoko was too much for those soldiers.

When television still were at earle age she appeared in a commercial singing a yodel for "Oriental Curry " the commercial had been on air for a long time and even these days she is recognized as the girl who did the original Oriental Curry commercial.

In 1959 she switched her record company to Nippon and by that she changed her stage name to " Tomi Fujiyama " she adopted the name " Fujiyama " from after her mentor Ichiro Fujiyama, during the first five years on Nippon Columbia she released 21 singles and 7 albums (LPs) and the studio musicians who backed her up on those recordings were the cream crop of japanese music scene in those days.

In the middle of the 70's she retired after her marriage but in late 80's and early 90's she found herself who had been fighting against her own will and trying to suppress her very stong urge and desire to to make her comeback, to sing for a audience when Nippon Columbia decided to put her " Best of Tomi Fujiyama " on the market as a compilation CD in 1994.

After her comeback she felt the need for a brand new album and came to Nashville to do the recordings, the result was the much praised and critically acclaimed " Lonely together " recorded with a lot of top studio musicians and it was the first time in 30 years for Tomi to get together with Bill Anderson who had introduced her at the Grand Ole Opry in 1964.

He offered to do a duet at the remake of " Lonely together " on her album it was released inMarch 1996 on Nippon Crown Records, one of Japans major labels, in August 1997 she made another trip to Nashville and appeared on Midnight Jamboree on WSM in Nashville, in 1997 she wanted to try out her possibility outside of Japan, her song " Boogie Woogie Yodel " from the cd Lonely together was compiled on a sampler CD from Comstock Records was distributed in U.S. and Europe was the beginning of her activities in the Indie music scene, another song " Good morning sunshine " was charted #14 on Pan European top 75 country music chart in February 2000.

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