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Country Hit(1994) Columbia COCA-11784

Country Hit

11. I'm casting my lasso towards the sky -demo- (02:43)
  1. Tennessee yodel polka
  2. Teen angel
  3. Buttons and bows
  4. The yellow rose of texas
  5. You are my sunshine
  6. Tennessee waltz
  7. Molly darlin
  8. San antonio rose
  9. Indian love call
  10. Cattle call
  11. I'm casting my lasso towards the sky
  12. The alpine milkman
  13. Columbus stockade blues
  14. By the waters of minnetonka
  15. My darling clementine
  16. Chime Bells
  17. Kentucky Waltz
  18. I Can't Stop Loving You
  19. Jimmie Brown The Newsboy
  20. I went to your wedding
  21. Back in the saddle again
  22. Your Cheatin' heart
  23. Hey good lookin'
  24. Y'all come
  25. Jambalaya

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Lonely Together(1995) CCDP-1069

Lonely Together

9. Help me make it through the night -demo- (02:00)
  1. Someone else's trouble now
  2. The country song
  3. Georgia on my mind
  4. Walkin' after midnight
  5. You left me here
  6. Lonely Together
  7. I like country music
  8. Boogie Woogie Yodel
  9. Help me make it through the night
  10. Crazy
  11. I'll hold you in my heart
  12. Good morning sunshine
  13. Tennesee waltz
  14. Help me make it through the night(karaoke)

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GOLD-Visit in America- (2002) MRO-101


1. Silver Wings -demo- (02:04)
  1. Silver Wings
  2. Crying
  3. Johnny guitar
  4. Yodel lady blues (Original)
  5. Visit america
  6. I just love to sing (Original)
  7. Danny boy
  8. Release me
  9. They're playing my song
  10. Home on the range
  11. You don't find a good man everyday
  12. Beautiful america (Original)
  13. America revisited

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Rolling Music Life(2004) Bungei Co.,

Rolling Music Life

Tomi Fujiyama's 60 years' music history included in this book. (Only Japanese.)

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